Delicious freshly made to order Gourmet Speciality rolls, Sushi, fresh flavours beverage Bubble tea and along with a choice of pre made beverages.

Simply find a menu that suits your taste buds we offer a new way to order either walk in and be greated from our friendly staff or feel free to order yourself via the IPad set up out the front of the shop the option is yours.

Once you pick up your Order you have the pleasure to enjoy my front yard overlooking the pictures natural ocean our Marin visitor such as Humpback Whale occasional Blue Whale the well-known white whale Migaloo and the odd seal, My most favourite all year round is to view is the local Dolphins and Surfer.

Stradbroke Island is my bit of paradise that has remain natural and has been the inspiration for this business to maintain the Natural but tasteful experience that I would love for all to share and enjoy Hence the name 2DLite.

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